I am a furniture designer and maker based in Ditchling, East Sussex. 

I have recently completed a fine woodwork diploma at the Building Crafts College in East London where I had the opportunity to learn about different types of wood and other materials, traditional hand tools and modern mill machinery. 

I believe that if you fell a tree, or are the beneficiary of a supply chain that began with a felled tree, then you have a responsibility to make something worthwhile with its timber. When possible I try to use locally sourced timber. Currently I have a large oak tree, which toppled naturally owing to a dried out root system, sticked up and seasoning in West Sussex. 

My interests lie in bespoke furniture making, woodturning and designing, making and restoring outdoor structures. I favour simple, honest and functional design which draws on ideas from the past. At the moment I particularly enjoy turning fruit wood bowls. 

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss designs or ideas for a commission or have any other woodwork related queries.

Dominik von Bohlen